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Halo Cigs CouponMany people have been turning to electronic cigarettes as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. While I’m a fairly recent modder, I have a fairly distinguished palate and am using my talents to offer reviews for premium e-juices. Torque 56 E-liquid has the same taste and smell as aromatic tobacco and will give a strong throat hit. This liquid is made by the Halo company which produces a lot of popular premium juices, they did not disappoint.

The flavor of Torque 56 has a pleasant smell with a lightly sweet tobacco taste. There is a slight coolness to the taste but it’s far from being menthol like. Other people have compared the taste to plum tobacco and small cigars and I can definitely see why.

Some tobacco flavors come off as too harsh when taking a puff. This tobacco juice is not. While there’s a serious throat hit, it leaves behind a pleasant feeling instead of a caustic burning sensation. This liquid doesn’t overdo it any remote way. It’s strong and robust, as opposed to being raspy and dry. My introduction to Halo’s juice produces a quality cloud that I have no difficulty in adjusting my desired amount.

For people that enjoy a strong and slightly sweet tobacco flavor the Torque 56 E-liquid is a good choice. People who enjoy cigars and cigarillos will enjoy the flavor of this tobacco juice. It is not too harsh when inhaling or exhaling. It is sweet but no too sweet. This E-liquid comes in two sizes (7ml and 30ml) and with a full range of nicotine levels. On top of that you can get a great price using this halo cigs coupon.